TAPPS has grown to become an effective police and private security partnership that shares information through internet technology, but more importantly, has developed into a professional forum to foster cooperation between members to address crime, industry training needs, and emergency preparedness.

Over the last decade there have been many examples of information sharing between members that have led to a positive resolution or prevention of crime and disorder.  This is particularly true in the downtown core of the city where the genesis of the TAPPS ideas came into being. This is and always has been an objective of TAPPS and will continue in the future.

The prospect of TAPPS is bright and steps have been taken to enhance Police and public sector partnerships particularly in an effort to increase public safety.  Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, law enforcement and private entity partnerships are being viewed as critical to share resources and best practices to achieve the common aim of public safety, order, and emergency preparedness.

TAPPS has hosted a number of information and training seminars in recent years specifically focused on the issue of emergency preparedness. The intent of the sessions has been to discuss the response mechanisms in place from an emergency services perspective and how private security providers can best complement a response if required.  Over the last two years, these sessions have been followed up with field trips to the city Emergency Management Operations Centre and exposure to the concept and practical application of table top exercises.

These sessions are not meant to replace the traditional mock emergency preparedness exercises hosted in joint cooperation between all emergency services providers at all levels of government.  TAPPS sessions are meant to look for opportunities to integrate private sector entities as an effective component of an emergency response, through knowledge, discussion, and exposure to practical exercises on an appropriate scale.

These sessions have been beneficial to all members and have opened the door to explore opportunities to share access to CCTV systems managed by TAPPS members for emergency responders attending locations in crisis.  This will present a significant advancement in improving the effectiveness of an emergency response and thereby improve public safety.  

Certainly there are challenges to meet with respect to these issues, however, TAPPS provides a long standing and trusted forum from which to discuss and develop necessary agreements and protocols to address legalities and concerns.  TAPPS is a professional and expanding forum to foster cooperation between Police and private security providers to address crime, training needs, and emergency preparedness.  TAPPS future remains bright!

Continuum of Success