It is a priority of the Toronto Police Service (TPS) to develop Community partnerships. The TAPPS organization has exemplified this fact for more than a decade. Membership in TAPPS provides instant access to a strong network of resources which is collaborative and innovative. TAPPS integrates work and learning to inspire all members to think critically, see quality outside of their own organizations, and apply these experiences to their own environment. The TAPPS network provides for a unique understanding and support system amongst police and life security professionals, recognizing and encouraging information and idea exchange.
Assistance, information and networking, is readily accessible in 14 categories of infrastructure sectors, connected to 75 organizations and 500 members who are a point of contact and communication for employees numbering in the tens of thousands.


Membership Fees

TAPPS is a non-profit organization. Membership fees are nominal, and assist with the costs associated to administer and maintain the TAPPS website and secure community portal. Please contact us for membership information. 




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