Mission Statement

TAPPS will facilitate education, training, information, and intelligence sharing in partnership with the Toronto Police Service to mobilize public and private sector entities to keep the City of Toronto safe and secure.


The goal of the Toronto Association of Police and Private Security is the establishment and continuance of a partnership with the police and private sector entities to achieve the following objectives;


Education and Training


  •  Shared training and educational opportunities   

  •  Be an informational resource and advisor to the police and community

  •  Coordinated exercises alongside the police service


Information and Intelligence Sharing

  •  Stimulate information and intelligence sharing to achieve common

  •  To become the networking vehicle for security and police professionals

  •  Identify and prioritize public safety, policing, and community issues

  •  Develop strategies to solve identified problems and other long-term issues

  •  Facilitate and support individual strategies identified within specific sectors

  •  Web site informational postings and updates

  •  Real-Time email alerts and notifications



  •  Support community mobilization strategies within the private security services community

  •  Promote crime prevention, investigation, and apprehension initiatives

  •  Promote community relations and communication initiatives

  •  Facilitate emergency preparedness and management best practices

  •  Improve joint response and cooperation during critical incidents

  •  Promote voice and data interoperability


Mission Statement