TAPPS Structure

Executive Committee

Chairman                  David Sulston

Vice Chair                 Harold Wax 
Treasurer                  Nick Migliore              Reilly Security
Secretary                  Brian Claman                     CN Tower
Board Member         Terry AndrewsToronto        Transit Commission
Board Member          Paul Greenwood               St Michaels Hospital
Board Member          Dan Hutt                            University of Toronto
Board Member          Brian Claman                    GWL Realty Advisors
Board Member          Mario Coutinho                  Rogers Centre


Police Liaison           Kim DerryDeputy Chief,      Toronto Police
Police Liaison           Chris Fernandes                 Inspector, Toronto Police
Police Liaison           Greg ColeInspector,            Toronto Police
Advisor                      Felix  Chau                         Smartech Consulting


Sector Leads

Finance                    Harold Wax                           Symcor
Communications      Richard Landry                     Canwest Global
Real Estate              Brian Claman                        GWL Realty Advisors
Real Estate              David Sulston                        Oxford Properties
Real Estate              Michael Cole                         Scotia Plaza
Transportation         Terry Andrews                       Toronto Transit Commission
Health Care             Paul Greenwood                    St. Michaels Hospital
Education                Dan Hutt                                University of Toronto
Education                Sam D’Angelo                       University of Toronto
Education                Jason Kirby                            University of Toronto
Hotels                      Corrie Pinkerton                    Sheraton Centre Toronto
Retail                       Antonietta Schettino              Winners Merchants International
Retail                       David Melhado                      Shoppers Drug Mart
Retail                       Sean Sportun                        Macs Convenience

Entertainment          Mario Coutinho                     Rogers Centre
Attractions               Javier Sanzsole                     CN Tower